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Becoming a real estate investor is about identifying, analyzing and evaluating opportunity, risks and reward. When your a women entering into the real estate investment industry you need to have a true understanding of the unknown and yet to be discovered. A strong understanding of processes will help judgment, support critical thinking and protect your efforts.

Tarah will guide participants through the process of making money as an investor from finding a property to making a profit. The end goal is to provide participants with information they need to have a clear understanding of how they can make money as a real estate investor.


This program is taught from a woman's perspective and based on the real life experiences of Tarah Harris.  




Intro to Wholesaling

Business Setup & Branding

How to Evaluate Deals

How to Generate Leads

How to Find Cash Buyers

How to Close Your Deal



Intro to Financing

Traditional Financing

Credit Tips & Secrets

Cash Deals & Partnerships

Private Lenders & Hard Money


Intro to Buying & Flipping

Building Your Real Estate Team

How to Hire and Manage Contractors

How to Find Deals

How to Evaluate Flips

How to Market/Sell Property



Intro to Buying & Holding

Building Your Real Estate Team

How to Evaluate Deals

Managing Your Tenants

Leveraging Your Investment

Cashing Out on Your Investment


Learning Activities

Take part in a classroom session that will cover key insights and prepare you to begin deal making yourself.


Go with Tarah and her team as she we analyzes  deals, talk with lenders, track down potential leads and experience it all in real time.

Weekly Mentoring

Once initial training is completed, talk directly with a member of the Tarah & Damon real estate team 30 minutes a week. The team member will work with you on your specific investor needs. You will have access to your mentor before, during and after the home purchase

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