People want Richmond to be better today than it was yesterday.

People want different

Richmond has been experiencing tremendous growth with as many as 32,000 new residents since 2000. However, some Richmonders are getting left behind as the city develops. Housing in previously affordable areas are rising at an exponential rate. This creates displacement and instability in housing.

Tealville is a representation of Teal House Company's belief that housing is a right, not a privilege. It utilizes industry standards and creative solutions to fight against displacement, hyper-gentrification and inadequate housing policies. 

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Tealville is a myriad of goals, strategies and actions specifically crafted to a create a more inclusive Richmond and surrounding communities. It's a belief that with direct actions from everyday people, we can use market driven strategies to combat the exponential increase in housing cost. 

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Founded in 2015, Teal House Company works to ensure everyone has an opportunity to experience the benefits of real estate. Tealville is a service of Teal House Company. 

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